The problem with Syria

The current big issue is what the hell are we going to do to help Syria. Assad and his government must go now with what the armed forces have been doing, that is not the question but how do we help the civilians that are dying by the hundreds a week.

With the rest of the Arab Spring governmental removing in most parts it has been done with out the one side fighting the other to the extent as is happening is Syria. The only country that actually had one side fighting the other on a relatively equal scales was Libra and the west made the fields level by sending our jets and special forces to help.

Syria on the other hand is a much more complicated issue as the UN Security Council is proving yet again they are a bunch of feck witts, with Russia and China blocking all attempts to stop the killing. The problems of the UN are not for this post as they will have their own piece written about them. The only reason the two are vetoing the sanctions are because they support Assad and yet with their support he is killing civilians and forcing people to flee and become refugees in other countries. It does sound from some of the reports that the army are carrying out a form of ethnic cleansing but until independent observers are on the ground it cannot be verified as the two sides pump out conflicting reports.

Turkey and to a lesser extent Iraq, I think, have been helping the rebels by supplying them arms and safe places to go to but at the same time, and I am not sure of this, Russia and possibly China have been supplying Assad.

I think the west should get involved, as NATO does have airbases in Turkey to the north, by placing a no-fly zone right over the entire country and basically say to China and Russia you are not helping the people so someone has to.

I will say more on this soon.