Empowering the IPCC

The IPCC is supposed to police the police and yet from the reports show they are not doing their job. They send out investigations to local forces or do not do the job in the first place.

It looks like they are going to be getting worse especially with the information of more private companies being brought in to run various areas or carry out investigations with out being scrutinized by anyone. I think the idea of bringing in outside bodies is a bad idea in the first place just because they are cheaper than using the police. The biggest problem with this the outside help are looking at their profits and share holder dividends not good practice when dealing with the general public.

Personal opinion the entire IPCC should be not dumped but changed so they are 100% independent from the police, investigations should be carried out by them not other police forces and all outside contractors should also come under the IPCC when something bad happens like deaths in custody suites or brutality against the general public.

Something else to come out the debate was the fact officers under investigation have the right of silence when being interviewed by them and yet when the investigating officer thinks the person being talked to enters the ground of possible criminal offenses they stop the interview and caution the person. I think that should be dumped as it is important that when investigating an indecent they want to know what happened before it becomes news, see the Ian Thomlinson situation. The moment it hit the news quite a few officers came forward but in the initial look no one did. The police serve us the public by making sure we are safe and bad cops should be sought and dealt with as one bad cop tars the entire force, very similar to the ‘Pleb Gate’ incident when the police have one story and the minister involved a completely different one. I know which story I believe, but that is more due to the fact I do not trust politicians to tell the truth.