The gun culture and British Police Service

I watched Sky News during the time of the two police women were murdered and throughout the afternoon and this morning they have had people on commenting and giving their opinion on the double murder.

As at least one commentator said ‘The vocal minority re-open the discussion into arming the police officers.’ [Unknown commentator, Sky News]. I was bordering on the side saying they should be armed, but looking at the bigger picture and the fact they only wore stab vests. This piece of equipment was good a few years ago when knife crime was rampant, but with the increase in gun crime it is no longer a good piece of equipment. Now officers should be equipped with ballistic armour not stab vests, another point which I think might be good is not to train them in how to use firearms, but how to react when one is pulled.

The news given yesterday spoke of no intelligence concerning the address where the two officers were sent, but today a window cleaner spoke of the owner dying and people being present inside. Alarm Bells people, I am not surprised though as the police today have a lot of paperwork which do take them from patrols, but do they not care about the area in which they work as knowing the people can be a good idea as intelligence gathering should happen everywhere. You never know when a person might let something slip in general conversation which might lead to an arrest of a criminal.

The person arrested, yes he might have been out on police bail but you hear about forces asking for more time to question an individual about crimes, etc. Police do have to go on the evidence discovered and if the answers to their questions do put I doubt on his involvement in their minds they have to release the person on police bail. At least with that they do have the ability, hopefully, to go back to the person to check his answers against the evidence. On the odd occasion the person does disappear and evidence found post the latest interview comes to light then you do get the situation like what was happening in Manchester, a man hunt. But if the area is under the pressure of a crime organisation then information is much harder to find out.