Battling Hate Speech

David Cameron and the government have said they want to deal with Hate Speech as spouted by the extremists clerics and the EDL (English Defence League), a very good idea it should be fought, on both the internet and in public.

The idea and plan is great but yet again DC and a few minsters have opened their mouths with out really thinking it through. All it takes to mess the entire plan up is one cleric taking a banning order to court quoting the European Human Rights Act and the section on Free Speech.

Personally I am not a great supporter of the Act and how it is being used by criminals who have committed serious crimes here being allowed to stay and possibly commit further crimes just because they have a right to a family life. i do like the concept behind the act as we as law abiding people should have certain rights protected. I wish the government would right and enact something similar to the US’ Constitution and Bill of Rights, but at the same time make sure foreign criminals cannot use it to stay here at the end of their time in prison, allow the gagging of people who spout words that could turn people into people of violence who physically attack people just because they do not like what they stand for or believe. It should protect our right to protest against things that are wrong as this is sometimes the only way people can let those in power know the depth of feeling.


Wearing a cross at work.

In the next few days British Governmental Lawyers are going to argue that wearing a cross is not a part of the Christian religion. Hang on here what is the cross but nothing more than a piece of jewelry. The problem comes from the fact its continuations in our society, here in the UK, are that the person must be a christian because that is the main symbol of the christian faith.

I am not a christian in the traditional sense, i believe in the creator but i also believe in the two aspects, but that is not the problem. I sometimes wear a cross as a piece of jewelry because i like it. Would I be asked to remove it even though i am not a Christian, very likely and yet as I said it is just jewelry and not a symbol for my religion.

Other aspects of the case going before the European Court of Human Rights I do think the people involved should be allowed to follow their beliefs and not be forced to break them as I know to some people their religion is very important to them. My late dad, was very similar, his work as a verger at Hampton Court Palace Chapel Royal was the best thing he could do as he had been turned down for priest hood. He did not want things like women priests, etc. He would likely have real issues with same sex couples getting married, but that is down to his beliefs. At work at BA, i do not know directly, but I do think they knew he was a christian, that never stopped him from providing them with his skills. Why is it different now, I think it is different because the other religions have a problem with it and force their views on to the rest of us. We are a christian country with the other religions operating here. Very similar to times during the crusades back in the 1200s, but there the Muslim rulers allowed the other religions to practice with out any problem. That should be the attitude now here in the uk, people should be allowed to practice and display their religious beliefs.