My business idea

My plans for my business idea is very simple and that initially I will free lance, but I do want to help the unemployed gain experience and maybe get a portfolio together, but I do not have the skills in the areas I will need and one of the most important aspects is writing a business plan. Some of the other area are getting contracts and selling the services of my company. I know those are important post the business plan but where can i get the help. All my ideas are in my head, but the problem is getting them down in the format of a business plan.

The graphic below is the first advert poster for Bournemouth Digital Production –


Bournemouth Digital Productions also has a facebook page and twitter account

Facebook –

Twitter – BournemouthDP

Some of my other ideas are based around the fact I am also a novelist and have a number of novels finished but not quite ready for publishing. The reason for this is the fact they have not have a final edit and this alone is what really gets me upset as I have a number of the first novel, The Making of Nibs-Volume 1 out in the hands of friends and they said that they will carry out the proof read and I have never gotten the novel back edited and ready for me to carry out the final edit before publishing.

That is a major aspect of my business, digital publishing. The other aspects are very much based in graphical design, event photography and video creation, the creation of 3d renders and animations and web design. I have a couple of ideas and plans for two animations, but they take time especially when you are the only person working on it. I wish I had a website and i would have, but because of problems with not receiving the ES50 questionnaire through the post, the DWP stopped my money and even now i have signed back on they have still not started to pay me. Before this happened I had over £400 in the bank waiting to be used in starting the key aspects of the business, namely getting me a website but now i have under £200, thanks to my friends for their help, but it is a sodding joke. My problems are seem to be a minor problem with the government and councils as they seem to give immigrants a council home just because they have claimed asylum and yet they come from an EU country. It is even more painful when you read they are here just so they can gain benefits and not work.

My animation ideas are scenes taken from two of my novels