Europe, Europe, Europe


I am not a big supporter or Europe’s Control over our lives her in the UK, especially with at least two daily papers reporting on two different issues but both related to Europe. I will comment on both the two articles.

The first comes from the Independent and centres on their budget. They want to increase it where all the countries are trying to bring their budgets down. From what I understand this request does not come from our elected Reps but from the powers behind the throne. Do they have a budget that will direct their money to where it is needed or is it get the money in and just spend it willy nilly. I hope it is not the latter, but it is more than likely the truth. It is now getting to the point where what is the point of MEPs they do not seem to get a say in how the budget is spent. This goes against the very idea of the MEPs as they should be doing the same job as our politicians discussing issues that matter, the budget is one of the most important matters.

The second article I am going to comment on is the fact it looks like medical implants are coming to the UK shores without the necessary protections to make sure they are safe and will not pose a problem post the implantation. Each country, to my knowledge, has people or organisations that carry out rigorous checks on medical implants to make sure they are safe. If what the Daily Telegraph is saying then it looks like if a company has an implant they want on sale then give the regulators a lump of cash and it joins the list of approved implants what ever the test results. This is yet another example of EU level regulators riding roughshot over  tried and tested checks, just so they can line their pockets.

Both these stories if they are true should be stopped but it looks like Cameron is yet again loosing his nerve and will not use the power he has to veto the budget. In regards to the MEPs, and I know they are also acting in under handed ways in regards their expenses for sitting in the European Parliament, should grow some back bones and say the regulators can not just add medical implants to the list with out proper results being known from proper tests.


The latest deal with the criminal element


Yet again the ruling power comes out with a lets crack down on offenders and re-offending. Each government has done the same thing come out with let’s gets tough on the criminal element and yet again i predict it will have little effect on the crime figures.

This time the PM’s speech comes at a time when the police numbers are being reduced, which means fewer chances to catch criminals, unless the Cons intend to send us down the route shown in the films ‘Robo-Cop’. It does look like they are trying to quietly bring that in via the back door with all the governmental security contracts going to G4S and the other large security companies.

This is such a bad idea what with the other governmental contracts held and basically badly run and supervised. At least with the government doing what it should and properly fund and run the police and prison service we might get a reduction if the government actually talked to the rank and file rather than not and the entire plan is forgotten about and it like all the others fails to reduce crime.

The incoming police commissioners, the idea on the surface is a great one, but I feel with the lack of knowledge about the elections will badly effect their role as overseers of the police service. One aspect I hope they have is the job of overseeing the private contracts or are they going to be hog-tied by not being able to make sure they are doing just as good a job as the rest of the police.

Multinationals and Tax Payments

Over the last few weeks and months we have heard a lot about the fact the Multinational Corporations use lower corporation rate counties to pay less in tax on their profit. I think the best way forward is to get rid of the IMF and the OECD and create one body to manage the banks and multinational corporations.

The biggest advantage of this idea is the payment of tax to all the counties where the corps have operations or bases. The amount paid should depend on how much of their profits came from the different countries eg if corp x made £200 million profit in one country they should pay 20 million in tax, but if the same corp made 2 million in another country then they should 200,000. This way each country gets a tax payment and they, the corps, cannot dodge their responsibilities.

The banks on the other hand, and i am talking about all banks including the central ones, should be regulated by one set of rules not by god knows how many sets. It would make it easier to police as it would mean every banker knows the rules and does not have to worry about doing something legal in one country and it is illegal in another, (see the US hitting banks for doing what is their jobs).

Another aspect would mean the corps no longer can transfer money from one country to another to lower their profits as any money transfers would be logged by the bank and then should the profits or the money transfer not be listed correctly, oops they get fined.

Funding, the make-up of the central board, and the rules are a problem, but the central concept actually comes from my novels in that their exists exactly this plan. I am more than happy to advise if it every gets picked up by those in power.

Empowering the IPCC

The IPCC is supposed to police the police and yet from the reports show they are not doing their job. They send out investigations to local forces or do not do the job in the first place.

It looks like they are going to be getting worse especially with the information of more private companies being brought in to run various areas or carry out investigations with out being scrutinized by anyone. I think the idea of bringing in outside bodies is a bad idea in the first place just because they are cheaper than using the police. The biggest problem with this the outside help are looking at their profits and share holder dividends not good practice when dealing with the general public.

Personal opinion the entire IPCC should be not dumped but changed so they are 100% independent from the police, investigations should be carried out by them not other police forces and all outside contractors should also come under the IPCC when something bad happens like deaths in custody suites or brutality against the general public.

Something else to come out the debate was the fact officers under investigation have the right of silence when being interviewed by them and yet when the investigating officer thinks the person being talked to enters the ground of possible criminal offenses they stop the interview and caution the person. I think that should be dumped as it is important that when investigating an indecent they want to know what happened before it becomes news, see the Ian Thomlinson situation. The moment it hit the news quite a few officers came forward but in the initial look no one did. The police serve us the public by making sure we are safe and bad cops should be sought and dealt with as one bad cop tars the entire force, very similar to the ‘Pleb Gate’ incident when the police have one story and the minister involved a completely different one. I know which story I believe, but that is more due to the fact I do not trust politicians to tell the truth.


Mr Laws’s speech praised his predicessor Ms. Teather for her work in bringing in the pupil premium which could be a great way of bringing up the poorest pupils, but that would work if it gets spent on the pupils it is aimed at. From reports earlier in the week running up to the conference stated the schools receiving it are not paying for the poorest to improve but being spent on all the pupils from the poorest to the richest.

His announcement on summer schools came as a surprise to me, but i have not really been keeping up on education. The help giving to pupils moving from Primary to Secondary Schools is good as, as he said, the backward steps pupils have over the long summer holidays could be a problem. I only hope the pupils with learning issues are giving the help they need to give them a similar chance as those with out, without this help then the pupils with learning disabilities are automatically at a disadvantage.

One thing i have noticed that both Mr. Laws speech and the Early Years motion again i hear the word disadvantaged, i am only guessing but i think they are talking about the poor. What the hell has happened to pupils with Learning Disabilities as they can come from any section of society. I again am not sure on numbers at this time but it would be nice to hear about support for them, as i am one as i am Dyslexic and that was not picked up until i went to Uni and I went and got tested. I just hope the discovery of those pupils with learning disabilities are getting discovered.

The debate post Mr. Laws speech covered a lot of different but important areas of Early Years and general schooling for the compulsory school years.

Here are some of the points raised during the two debates.  A very valid point brought up centred around the cost of child care and the fact a lot of women have had to think about the costs over actually working. One speaker brought up the point that one woman, working full time, only had £300 a month to live on after taking into account the cost of child care. Another speaker, a business woman, brought up the fact child care costs can not be written off against the company tax bill as without child care it is likely she also would not be working due to the costs. Some speakers brought up the fact child care costs here are very high to the point both Finland and Sweden had higher and other countries had a different child to carer ratios. I personally agree with the point of looking for best practice on child care, but I also think one very important aspect that needs looking at is cost as figures quoted on the motion papers stated child care costs between £5000 and £15,000 a year for one child. I will leave you to do the maths on if a family have two or more. Why is it so high here.

The next motion covered the compulsory schooling. One very important point to come out of the speakers covered accountability of Academies and Free Schools and the fact sponsors have secret funding agreements, even unknown to the governors of the school. Another point brought up was the fact 40% of the Academies are now under special measures because of falling standards. The Conservatives have trumpeted this scheme from the roof tops to the point they want more academies and tech colleges, they could be a good idea as long as they are accountable to the Governors, teachers, parents and children. I now have to admit something but with the evidence brought of how Welsh schools were doing in comparison to English Schools since Wales dumped the publication of league tables has changed me on that point.The idea i can see now would be an excellent way of improving schools but not under the current system of lots of exam boards all competing for the same pupils to take their exams. One board would mean at least the people can see which schools were the best. Something else with the introduction of the EBac and the fact it is solely aimed at academic work not practical work. Some pupils will excel at the Academic and some will not. Schools need to be inclusive and help all not just the academic.

Lib Dem Conference Reports

I will be blogging on the three main conferences as it is during these we get an idea on what might be coming up in the next year and possibly what will be in the manifestos.

Today the Lib Dem Conference starts in Brighton with the issues of respect of the police and the murder of two WPCs in Manchester along with Mr Clegg’s apology. The main aspects that looks to be on the books for the conference is Tax and the Economy.

My personal political views are more in line with the Lib Dems than the other parties but with the way politicians act and fail to listen to the people means i support no party at all. Come the elections I spoil my ballot paper by putting a cross through the entire thing as it shows that none of the parties have my support.

The gun culture and British Police Service

I watched Sky News during the time of the two police women were murdered and throughout the afternoon and this morning they have had people on commenting and giving their opinion on the double murder.

As at least one commentator said ‘The vocal minority re-open the discussion into arming the police officers.’ [Unknown commentator, Sky News]. I was bordering on the side saying they should be armed, but looking at the bigger picture and the fact they only wore stab vests. This piece of equipment was good a few years ago when knife crime was rampant, but with the increase in gun crime it is no longer a good piece of equipment. Now officers should be equipped with ballistic armour not stab vests, another point which I think might be good is not to train them in how to use firearms, but how to react when one is pulled.

The news given yesterday spoke of no intelligence concerning the address where the two officers were sent, but today a window cleaner spoke of the owner dying and people being present inside. Alarm Bells people, I am not surprised though as the police today have a lot of paperwork which do take them from patrols, but do they not care about the area in which they work as knowing the people can be a good idea as intelligence gathering should happen everywhere. You never know when a person might let something slip in general conversation which might lead to an arrest of a criminal.

The person arrested, yes he might have been out on police bail but you hear about forces asking for more time to question an individual about crimes, etc. Police do have to go on the evidence discovered and if the answers to their questions do put I doubt on his involvement in their minds they have to release the person on police bail. At least with that they do have the ability, hopefully, to go back to the person to check his answers against the evidence. On the odd occasion the person does disappear and evidence found post the latest interview comes to light then you do get the situation like what was happening in Manchester, a man hunt. But if the area is under the pressure of a crime organisation then information is much harder to find out.