GSF-Character-Captain Debbie Waters

Debbie Waters is the commander of 3rd Company 6th Air Assault Mercenary Command.

She joined 6th Air Assault back in 2050, 18 years before the novel is set and has been the commander of the Company for the last 7 years. For the entire time as a member of the command she has been the secret lover of Rebec Adams, the current EXO of the company and very few members of the 6th know about their relationship.

Since joining the 6th, which her parents did not want her to do, she has kept her sexual preferences hidden from the overall commanders and owners of the command as they were very much man loves a woman, not men loving men or women loving women, hence her and Rebec keeping their relationship a secret. Since joining and completing the commands basic training she has been very pro leading from the front and thinking about those people and members with her.

Four years after signing on to the command the sergeant of 2nd squad 3rd platoon got killed whilst the command was on operation Monbasa, Catadar protecting a business practice’s seven sites. Most of the squad wanted to go out and find the murder but Debbie persuaded the men not to as that would have led to the entire company and possibly the command being branded as non-desirables by the authorities. She ran an investigation into murder and led the city security forces right to him.

Right after the murderer was arrested Captain Donald Batts promoted Debbie to the rank of Sergeant and so started her rise in ranks until she commanded 3rd company, a place she does not want to leave. 2 years later her mum and dad were killed during a gun battle in Suraban and even though she does have two younger brothers they left their entire estate and all their money to her as her brothers would have just wasted it. She knew how good the pair were at running the campsite her parents owned and so she gave them that but she kept overall control of it as a silent partner. Her Suraban home is were she plans to move to when she retires but that is still a long way off.

When Donald Batts became the field commander of the 6th 7 years ago he and the Command’s Owners promoted her from the rank of Lieut of 1st Platoon 3rd Company to Captain of 3rd Company and as all the captain’s led their companies under the Commands Commander she did promoting Rebec after the Company’s then Exo died whilst on operation and all the Lieuts within the company declained the position.

Over the following three years the pair led the company and trained it to be one of the best in the 6th with only 1st Company being better. It was during the Wacker War when she decided the 6th needed a proper recon unit and she semi started to train 3rd Company in that role. It was during the Final Battle of the Wacker War when her protection and caring side blasted to the front as the Wacker Military Major assigned to them ordered the company to attack a unit from the 12th Gangrel Raiders. She knew from the equipment the enemy used and the fact almost every mercenary command knew the Gangrels to be some of the best mercenary commands on the planet she decided rather and loosing 3rd company she would surrender but first she needed to deal with the Major. She just knocked him out and waved a white sheet from the window of the building the company used as their headquarters.

At the end of the Wacker War the company had only lost about 95 men in total where the rest of the command had lost over 3,500 men. Major Batts and Debbie fought the owners to keep 3rd company together and after a month after returning to Merc City she started to recruit to bring the company back up to its official of 300 men as well as continuing their training in Force Recon Operations. It was during this time and the Wacker War when 3rd Company came to the notice of the Commanders of the Conspiracy, especially Jane Chancer and Sarah Cutherlate and they inserted two members of the GSF to see if they were ready to be told the truth.

History Guild Entry

Parents: Joan and Wayne Waters-Both deceased (murdered; no culprits located)

Name: Debbie Waters Sex: Female Age: 37 Status: Single
Place of Birth: High Cliff District Medical Centre, Suraban
Education: High Cliff Peter Church Low School; Coastal Middle School; High Cliff North High School
Qualifications: Basic-B; Maths-C; History-A; Computers-B; Art-C; Photography-B; Chemistry-B; Literary-D;
Parents: Joan and Wayne Waters both deceased (murdered; no culprits located)
Siblings: John Waters (34); Barry Waters(33)
Current Employment: 6th Air Assault Mercenary Command (Rank-Captain of 3rd Company)

Snooper’s Charter

Why is the Home Secretary so determined to bring this back at this moment in time other than to say the government is protecting the general public from terrorism. The Law when it first came up was derided because it gave the home office effectively car-blanch access to everyone’s emails, text messages and social media postings. Giving this to them and the security services is wrong and would likely force the costs up as the systems needed to store the information would be very high.

I do agree with the comment if you have nothing to hide it should not bother people, but it does bother me in that I do not want people who are not the direct recipient read what might be private messages. It is not that far to take the right to open and read letters as that could be placed under the same banner, also what about faxes which is another method of communication.

This all comes from the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolich last week and yet it is reported that the pair under arrest seemed to be pretty well known to the security services. One was photographed attending extremist protests, reported to have been arrested trying to cross into Somalia from Kenya both activities should have been red flags and he should have been monitored, not followed, but his usage of email, text messages and general internet usage. We are still waiting for the report on why this was not carried out.
That would be a good law as the people on them are likely to either be radicalized or on the path to becoming radicalized.

It would not be hard to monitor website access but that should be linked to other evidence like people on protests, or standing on street corners handing out leaflets as people do access these sites for research for essays, news articles, learn about people for acting parts they might be doing. Not everyone is looking to join the fighters against the west. I am at the moment planning a possible story arc for my novels which does center around aspects of radicalization of people but I am not interested in joining them but I want to know how the preachers do change people’s view of the world.

Battling Hate Speech

David Cameron and the government have said they want to deal with Hate Speech as spouted by the extremists clerics and the EDL (English Defence League), a very good idea it should be fought, on both the internet and in public.

The idea and plan is great but yet again DC and a few minsters have opened their mouths with out really thinking it through. All it takes to mess the entire plan up is one cleric taking a banning order to court quoting the European Human Rights Act and the section on Free Speech.

Personally I am not a great supporter of the Act and how it is being used by criminals who have committed serious crimes here being allowed to stay and possibly commit further crimes just because they have a right to a family life. i do like the concept behind the act as we as law abiding people should have certain rights protected. I wish the government would right and enact something similar to the US’ Constitution and Bill of Rights, but at the same time make sure foreign criminals cannot use it to stay here at the end of their time in prison, allow the gagging of people who spout words that could turn people into people of violence who physically attack people just because they do not like what they stand for or believe. It should protect our right to protest against things that are wrong as this is sometimes the only way people can let those in power know the depth of feeling.

I want a job in 3d design or similar

I want a job using my skills in 3d design or something similar and yet i see the positions advertised, send my CV with samples of my work attached and i hear nothing back. I do not have a degree even though I did attend Bournemouth University, the problem came with the fact I went to a crappy secondary school and suffered because I am also a Dyslexic. This was not picked up until I attended uni in 2003. They gave me the standard help for all dyslexics, but i did not need the standard help, i needed help in taking notes from books and similar, not writing the essays. My health suffered due to the stress caused by the exams and i dropped out.

I am now pretty good at working 3d Software, mainly 3ds Max, Photoshop or as i prefer to use Paintshop Pro. The image below is a render from one of my projects


The render is from a Concept Design for an apartment building. The apartment is an expensive apartment with a number of facilities on the ground floor.

The next picture is a poster I designed for a local shop


I hope you can see from the two images above I am pretty skilled. I am constantly learn tricks with the software, but i am completely self taught. I have a lot of other renders, designs, and ideas as the apartment and the following render are actually scenes from my novels.


There are more available at – Bournemouth Digital Productions

Do not worry about employing me and i happy to work as a contractor should you wish.

If you wish to contact me then add a comment and include some form of contact or ring 07977 964466 or email

Leveson Report and the future of the Press

With the publication of the Leveson Report yesterday, Thursday 29th November, and the conclusions and recommendations I think any law even to underpin a new regulatory body is not the way forward unless the law just sets it up. Parliament how every good intentioned must never be allowed to censor the press, see China and the old Soviet Block.

I have had a run in with the Daily Mail a good few years ago at the Lib Dem conference here in Bournemouth. Because of how the reporter reported the fact I got up and asked the leader a question quite a few people now, even after seven years plus hate the paper and do not buy it or read it, personally I do not care, I read it to find out how their reporters are seeing and writing about a story.

One idea i came up with is to as suggested set up a completely independent body to police the press, but at the same time bring in a similar system as used in the medical world. This would give, i think, the public confidence that if a reporter does mess up then he can have his accreditation removed pretty much banning him from working for or writing freelance. A second aspect to this would be a way of giving people holding press conferences the knowledge that everyone attending is accredited and not just there to write wrong or misleading stories.

A lot of reporters write excellent pieces, run very good investigations, we would not know about how the politicians were abusing the expenses system if it is not for the Daily Telegraph; or cash of questions. I do find some of the stories are wrong and are written to sell the papers; take the Daily Mail yesterday on the front page they had a photo of a child of one of the contestants on I’m a Celeb. Why run that piece, it is not news in my eyes. They did it because I’m a Celeb is a popular tele program, which is pretty crap, but people watch it. I would not have a problem if they were doing it to highlight something, but the picture did not. it just showed a crying child with no real indication as to why she was crying. If you looked inside at Page 3, there you got told why the child was crying.

I look at most of the front pages and with the red tops about 70% of their head lines show the famous in difficult to just situations, having affairs or being stupid.

The new regulatory body should be allowed to fine, award damages to the people affected and unable to afford the costs of libel.

IDS and his Welfare Reforms


Yet again we have a Governmental Minister getting up and giving a speech of how much the government is paying to ‘Problem Families’. Does his SpAd actually have real world experience, have they bothered to look at the real reason these families are so much of a problem, I am someone who looks at the history of people as more often the current problems can be traced back to problems in early life. How many of them have undiagnosed learning issues, i went through both primary, secondary and two different college courses and never once was the fact i am dyslexic got picked up on.

The biggest problem is not the problem families but ministers who are out of touch with reality. I bet IDS or any of the governmental ministers have never spent any length of time living on welfare and trying to make JSA or ESA stretch to cover the costs of living. Every year we hear of price rises in vital services like electric and gas and yet JSA or ESA do not go up by the same amounts.

People like me living on £71 a week find it hard enough to make ends meet even without the massive rises in costs effectively pushing us into debt, and that is without the costs of travel to interviews and getting smart clothes for them. I am not interested in getting into debt, but i am again in hock to Wessex Water which will likely lead to another CCJ against me, screwing up my plans for starting my own business in Graphics Design. (at the bottom is the poster advertising my company)

IDS has said we will help you find work, like how, I am not looking for much, but jobs for people like me are far harder to find than an able bodied person. I am a Male to Female Trans-sexual, suffer from Dyslexia and now have been diagnosed as suffering from MS, so you can see just on that I have a triple problem and that does not even touch on problems of where I live, seeing as I suspect my postcode is blacklist because of the people who also live in the area. I am highly creative, have lots of useful skills in things like carpentry, working software and designing things, but I cannot deal with stress very well. I built using joinery my bed which sits above the door into my living room, i designed it, built it and put it up when i move in over three years ago and it is still there, but i have no qualifications in carpentry. I spent a few years trying to get a degree but my health is more important than a piece of paper and I had to drop out because of exam stress, lack of basic skills uni students need and the help provided to me because i am Dyslexic might have help some, but not me.

IDS and the ministers working in the DWP should try and live on welfare with out their savings or family, to bale them out, behind them and they might discover what the real people have to do everyday to just simply survive.