GSF-Character-Captain Debbie Waters

Debbie Waters is the commander of 3rd Company 6th Air Assault Mercenary Command.

She joined 6th Air Assault back in 2050, 18 years before the novel is set and has been the commander of the Company for the last 7 years. For the entire time as a member of the command she has been the secret lover of Rebec Adams, the current EXO of the company and very few members of the 6th know about their relationship.

Since joining the 6th, which her parents did not want her to do, she has kept her sexual preferences hidden from the overall commanders and owners of the command as they were very much man loves a woman, not men loving men or women loving women, hence her and Rebec keeping their relationship a secret. Since joining and completing the commands basic training she has been very pro leading from the front and thinking about those people and members with her.

Four years after signing on to the command the sergeant of 2nd squad 3rd platoon got killed whilst the command was on operation Monbasa, Catadar protecting a business practice’s seven sites. Most of the squad wanted to go out and find the murder but Debbie persuaded the men not to as that would have led to the entire company and possibly the command being branded as non-desirables by the authorities. She ran an investigation into murder and led the city security forces right to him.

Right after the murderer was arrested Captain Donald Batts promoted Debbie to the rank of Sergeant and so started her rise in ranks until she commanded 3rd company, a place she does not want to leave. 2 years later her mum and dad were killed during a gun battle in Suraban and even though she does have two younger brothers they left their entire estate and all their money to her as her brothers would have just wasted it. She knew how good the pair were at running the campsite her parents owned and so she gave them that but she kept overall control of it as a silent partner. Her Suraban home is were she plans to move to when she retires but that is still a long way off.

When Donald Batts became the field commander of the 6th 7 years ago he and the Command’s Owners promoted her from the rank of Lieut of 1st Platoon 3rd Company to Captain of 3rd Company and as all the captain’s led their companies under the Commands Commander she did promoting Rebec after the Company’s then Exo died whilst on operation and all the Lieuts within the company declained the position.

Over the following three years the pair led the company and trained it to be one of the best in the 6th with only 1st Company being better. It was during the Wacker War when she decided the 6th needed a proper recon unit and she semi started to train 3rd Company in that role. It was during the Final Battle of the Wacker War when her protection and caring side blasted to the front as the Wacker Military Major assigned to them ordered the company to attack a unit from the 12th Gangrel Raiders. She knew from the equipment the enemy used and the fact almost every mercenary command knew the Gangrels to be some of the best mercenary commands on the planet she decided rather and loosing 3rd company she would surrender but first she needed to deal with the Major. She just knocked him out and waved a white sheet from the window of the building the company used as their headquarters.

At the end of the Wacker War the company had only lost about 95 men in total where the rest of the command had lost over 3,500 men. Major Batts and Debbie fought the owners to keep 3rd company together and after a month after returning to Merc City she started to recruit to bring the company back up to its official of 300 men as well as continuing their training in Force Recon Operations. It was during this time and the Wacker War when 3rd Company came to the notice of the Commanders of the Conspiracy, especially Jane Chancer and Sarah Cutherlate and they inserted two members of the GSF to see if they were ready to be told the truth.

History Guild Entry

Parents: Joan and Wayne Waters-Both deceased (murdered; no culprits located)

Name: Debbie Waters Sex: Female Age: 37 Status: Single
Place of Birth: High Cliff District Medical Centre, Suraban
Education: High Cliff Peter Church Low School; Coastal Middle School; High Cliff North High School
Qualifications: Basic-B; Maths-C; History-A; Computers-B; Art-C; Photography-B; Chemistry-B; Literary-D;
Parents: Joan and Wayne Waters both deceased (murdered; no culprits located)
Siblings: John Waters (34); Barry Waters(33)
Current Employment: 6th Air Assault Mercenary Command (Rank-Captain of 3rd Company)