I want a job in 3d design or similar

I want a job using my skills in 3d design or something similar and yet i see the positions advertised, send my CV with samples of my work attached and i hear nothing back. I do not have a degree even though I did attend Bournemouth University, the problem came with the fact I went to a crappy secondary school and suffered because I am also a Dyslexic. This was not picked up until I attended uni in 2003. They gave me the standard help for all dyslexics, but i did not need the standard help, i needed help in taking notes from books and similar, not writing the essays. My health suffered due to the stress caused by the exams and i dropped out.

I am now pretty good at working 3d Software, mainly 3ds Max, Photoshop or as i prefer to use Paintshop Pro. The image below is a render from one of my projects


The render is from a Concept Design for an apartment building. The apartment is an expensive apartment with a number of facilities on the ground floor.

The next picture is a poster I designed for a local shop


I hope you can see from the two images above I am pretty skilled. I am constantly learn tricks with the software, but i am completely self taught. I have a lot of other renders, designs, and ideas as the apartment and the following render are actually scenes from my novels.


There are more available at – Bournemouth Digital Productions

Do not worry about employing me and i happy to work as a contractor should you wish.

If you wish to contact me then add a comment and include some form of contact or ring 07977 964466 or email nickiukpub@googlemail.com


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