IDS and his Welfare Reforms

Yet again we have a Governmental Minister getting up and giving a speech of how much the government is paying to ‘Problem Families’. Does his SpAd actually have real world experience, have they bothered to look at the real reason these families are so much of a problem, I am someone who looks at the history of people as more often the current problems can be traced back to problems in early life. How many of them have undiagnosed learning issues, i went through both primary, secondary and two different college courses and never once was the fact i am dyslexic got picked up on.

The biggest problem is not the problem families but ministers who are out of touch with reality. I bet IDS or any of the governmental ministers have never spent any length of time living on welfare and trying to make JSA or ESA stretch to cover the costs of living. Every year we hear of price rises in vital services like electric and gas and yet JSA or ESA do not go up by the same amounts.

People like me living on £71 a week find it hard enough to make ends meet even without the massive rises in costs effectively pushing us into debt, and that is without the costs of travel to interviews and getting smart clothes for them. I am not interested in getting into debt, but i am again in hock to Wessex Water which will likely lead to another CCJ against me, screwing up my plans for starting my own business in Graphics Design. (at the bottom is the poster advertising my company)

IDS has said we will help you find work, like how, I am not looking for much, but jobs for people like me are far harder to find than an able bodied person. I am a Male to Female Trans-sexual, suffer from Dyslexia and now have been diagnosed as suffering from MS, so you can see just on that I have a triple problem and that does not even touch on problems of where I live, seeing as I suspect my postcode is blacklist because of the people who also live in the area. I am highly creative, have lots of useful skills in things like carpentry, working software and designing things, but I cannot deal with stress very well. I built using joinery my bed which sits above the door into my living room, i designed it, built it and put it up when i move in over three years ago and it is still there, but i have no qualifications in carpentry. I spent a few years trying to get a degree but my health is more important than a piece of paper and I had to drop out because of exam stress, lack of basic skills uni students need and the help provided to me because i am Dyslexic might have help some, but not me.

IDS and the ministers working in the DWP should try and live on welfare with out their savings or family, to bale them out, behind them and they might discover what the real people have to do everyday to just simply survive.



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