Europe, Europe, Europe

I am not a big supporter or Europe’s Control over our lives her in the UK, especially with at least two daily papers reporting on two different issues but both related to Europe. I will comment on both the two articles.

The first comes from the Independent and centres on their budget. They want to increase it where all the countries are trying to bring their budgets down. From what I understand this request does not come from our elected Reps but from the powers behind the throne. Do they have a budget that will direct their money to where it is needed or is it get the money in and just spend it willy nilly. I hope it is not the latter, but it is more than likely the truth. It is now getting to the point where what is the point of MEPs they do not seem to get a say in how the budget is spent. This goes against the very idea of the MEPs as they should be doing the same job as our politicians discussing issues that matter, the budget is one of the most important matters.

The second article I am going to comment on is the fact it looks like medical implants are coming to the UK shores without the necessary protections to make sure they are safe and will not pose a problem post the implantation. Each country, to my knowledge, has people or organisations that carry out rigorous checks on medical implants to make sure they are safe. If what the Daily Telegraph is saying then it looks like if a company has an implant they want on sale then give the regulators a lump of cash and it joins the list of approved implants what ever the test results. This is yet another example of EU level regulators riding roughshot over  tried and tested checks, just so they can line their pockets.

Both these stories if they are true should be stopped but it looks like Cameron is yet again loosing his nerve and will not use the power he has to veto the budget. In regards to the MEPs, and I know they are also acting in under handed ways in regards their expenses for sitting in the European Parliament, should grow some back bones and say the regulators can not just add medical implants to the list with out proper results being known from proper tests.


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