The latest deal with the criminal element

Yet again the ruling power comes out with a lets crack down on offenders and re-offending. Each government has done the same thing come out with let’s gets tough on the criminal element and yet again i predict it will have little effect on the crime figures.

This time the PM’s speech comes at a time when the police numbers are being reduced, which means fewer chances to catch criminals, unless the Cons intend to send us down the route shown in the films ‘Robo-Cop’. It does look like they are trying to quietly bring that in via the back door with all the governmental security contracts going to G4S and the other large security companies.

This is such a bad idea what with the other governmental contracts held and basically badly run and supervised. At least with the government doing what it should and properly fund and run the police and prison service we might get a reduction if the government actually talked to the rank and file rather than not and the entire plan is forgotten about and it like all the others fails to reduce crime.

The incoming police commissioners, the idea on the surface is a great one, but I feel with the lack of knowledge about the elections will badly effect their role as overseers of the police service. One aspect I hope they have is the job of overseeing the private contracts or are they going to be hog-tied by not being able to make sure they are doing just as good a job as the rest of the police.


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