Exams Fiasco

With what has been reported in the papers about the fact over 140 schools have missed their minimum exam target might have to close or become Academies rings of outside interference. I think this is very true especially after reading about the situation and the fact the coalition wants to expand the scheme. The only reason for this is central government fund it with outside sponsorship from local companies, this can be good but in at least one article says they are also make profits, for whom.

I have big issues anyway with the education system in the UK, but their is nothing I can truly do to change the system. Back to the main reason for this entry. From the reports over the last couple of days it does look iffy as one of the main exam boards released correspondence with Ofqual which state they might need to think about shifting their exam grade boundries. Why was this correspondence sent, it can only be because someone from central government said something and this is a perfect way of forcing more schools to convert to Academies.

What is the point of this especially with the reports of the boundries moving, if that had not happened then the schools would have met their targets, which is another aspect which I think is wrong. Schools are as good as their teachers and students, good teaching and good students equals a good school, but if one aspect is bad then the school is bad. If the aim of this is to create more Academies, which will come to light in the coming year, it would be much better for the Central Government should just give the failing schools the money and send in an expert to help the school improve.


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