Defending your home.

The current problem that a couple have with the law because they shot at a number of people who broke into their home should not be before the police or courts. The reason is very simple they are doing the same as the population of the UK would do if we were invaded by a second power. All of us would likely jump to defend our shores from the aggressors. Is there any difference between that and shooting at people who invade your home. In common sense no, but in reality and in the eyes of the law you cannot defend your home, so to take that to the extreme the British government could drag every person who defended the UK in front of the courts to face the same charges, rather than the way it would be celebrating the heroes that defended the UK.

We have the ability to defend our person, but that like the law above needs to be changed as you do not know who is holding a weapon or grabbing your bag, it might take longer than the time written into the law to sub-due or get your bag back. To me that is the same as defending your home. The people attacked or their home invaded should be protected from punishment for defending themselves or home not arrested and have finger prints, DNA and photo taken and then be worried about what the CPS will do.


One thought on “Defending your home.

  1. I think the difficultie that comes with this one is the definition of “reasonable force”. I’m not a legal expert by any means but I have a feeling that t is the argument that would follow in law. The problem with up holding this type of behaviour is that it becomes vigilanti justice and therefore individuals become higher than the law and that’s just not on. Yes, the law maybe an ass but unless the rule of law is followed you end up with either anarchy or tyranny and neither of these systems are any better for individuals than the one we’ve got. The problem is you seem to have one set of individuals who play by the rules and another who don’t and the balancing act that the law has make in weighing up the rights of an individual Vs. the rights of another individual. Also as our system of law is a precendt based one, the Judge may want to hand down harsher sentences to the criminals but may have their hands tied by previous cases. I just hope we don’t go down the path of America into a revenge based system (lock em up and throw away the key) dictated by, in the main, ignorant public opinion. The law maybe an ass, as I’ve said, but we need a better understanding of why things happen in the way they do before the court of public opinion has any right to speak.

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