The DWP are at it again

With the reshuffle being carried out today the DWP leaked draft template letter informs all those on ESA and a part of work-related activity group (Wrag) will now loose upwards of £71 a week for not keeping to their agreement with their adviser. I ask what is the government on as this action, yet again targets the most vulnerable in society, the disabled and ill people.

If they want everyone in work then stopping their money is not the way to do it. By stopping their ESA payments you stop the people from having the money to get to interviews, send out applications or CVs and possibly cause other hardships, one being unable to feed themselves. That alone is a very bad idea as some people might need the food to help them get better.

The government will not look at the problems caused by this because they are on a mission to reduce our debt and yet they are not doing the logical things to reduce it, they are basically targeting the people unable to properly defend themselves.


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