More about me – Part 3 (The Darra Von years)

When I started writing I did not care about the method I used to write, i needed to get the starts of the story. My first draft ended up at 500 pages and it took the story from the start of the main character Nicholas Calton’s life after High School (More about Nicholas Calton later).

Darra Von as i said in Part 2 is similar to Earth and as I described also very different. The similarities extend to all the problems here on Earth and some modifications, but it is how I see things going in time.

The Corporations on Darra Von in most governments all but control them as most politicians are looking for a high up position in them. At the same time the corporations are pretty much a law unto themselves as they have the same rights as Embassies have now on Earth. The Ex-territorial rules only apply to Corporations and MegaCorporations; companies and smaller do not get the same protections in that the are dealing with local security forces. The Corporations and MegaCorps do not get away scott free through, they have to deal with Echo Tech Security (More about Echo Tech in Part 4). Every business have to worry about one thing through, professional people employed by other business breaking in and stealing information, proto-types, etc

Other problems from earth also exist on Darra Von, in that some countries are dictatorships, terrorists, rebels fighting to remove governments, criminal organisations, slavery, drugs all exist on Darra Von.

One phrase common on Darra Von is, ‘If a person has not lost at least two friends to the violence by the time they are 18 than that person is very lucky.’ That is very true as close on 40% of the planetary population carry weapons ranging from knives all the way through to guns. A lot of the people who do, do so to protect themselves or innocent people caught up in the violence. In most cities there are at least 50 reports of gun violence every week, but when about 90% of the cities range in size from up wards of 75.000 square kilometres, with populations to match the figures are pretty low

Now back to Nicholas Calton, the main star, he is 17 about to turn 18 and in the eyes of the Planetary Government and the governments of the countries and cities an independent person, not tied to having to get an adult to sign consent forms. Nicholas is highly intelligent and very highly traveled as his parents worked at traveling trouble shooters and they would half a year or more improving Ebbsu sites and if contracted business that leased ground within Ebbsu owned sites. At each stop as the education system around the planet is pretty much the same, teaching similar subjects, etc, he went to the local schools. At each stop he did not make friends with other Surrans, he made friends with the natives as one thing Nicholas could do is to learn languages very fast. When he was out with his friends they would be talking in the native language. Nicholas also learnt about the cultures and he could see things others could not, for he saw the truth and understood the reasons behind actions. As he was about to turn 18 and finish high school his family came back to his home country of Surra and the city of Suraban.

Here in Suraban Nicholas because he hated most team sports became the targets of the school bullies, the school’s footbaal team. Sandra, someone just about known to Nicholas, saw the bullying and also the fact Nicholas suffered from Depression, not that it effected his school work, but he just did.

Outside High School Nicholas was not that depressed as he had a sideline business as an independent Security Consultant. He would break into a place and write a report on the currently installed system, he would also offer to up-grade the system so burglars would find it far harder to do. It was during one job he met people unknown to him at the time would have the influence on his life later.

As I said the story starts at the end on Nicholas’ life in High School and the Party the Gangrel Unit the Bitch Vixens threw to celebrate the fact they would never have to go back to school.



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