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I was born in 1971 on the Rangers side of Glasgow. Before I was even a year old I fell into a coma for 24hrs due to having a blood sugar close to zero, the docs when I came around said I would be a vegetable for the rest of my life. My mum said no I would not be, i am a funny vegetable.

I do not know if my dyslexia and memory issues come from that or from before I was born, but I have a pretty crap memory for general information and to a point specialist stuff to, but an excellent one for the areas i am truly interested in.

The family moved from Glasgow at the end of I think 72 to Croxley Green just outside Watford, north west London area. Croxley Green actually sits in the country side as five minutes from home we had fields and wood land. For a lot of my life I have been put down as thick and yet when I got diagnosed with Dyslexia I came out with an IQ of almost 120, that is not thick. The first put down came from Mrs. Benadlow in the third year infants. I got asked to spell cat, but I spelt it with a K and not a C. That basically set me up for the rest of my school life. It just got worse when I went to secondary school.

Through a cockup by my parents they swear blind they only put one school down when i came to select my secondary school, but i distinctly remember talk about all the four local secondary schools. I swear dad put down all four in the order Watford Boys Grammer, Durrants, St. Clement Danes and Rickmansworth. When we got my secondary school back they fought to get me into Watford Boys as they both knew I was pretty intelligent to the point they kept me at home and mum home tutored me for a term. She was pregant with my second sister Jane.

Karen the oldest one bar me has a mental age of about 14/15, but she to my knowledge has held a job down since the 90s. She was born June 14th 1973, Jane came along on 23rd December 1982 and Richard arrived on 11th March 1984.

Mum had a few problems with Jane’s pregnancy and that forced me to attend Durrants which sat about five minutes from home. On the first day because I sat cross legged in a similar fashion as women I got labeled as being Gay. This was also the time the Gay community was coming out so the word Gay used being used as a digority term. I hated Durrants for the simple reason a few years before I joined it was announced that either Durrants or another Secondary School. Durrants thankfully was reprieved that time, but towards the end of Secondary school it happened again but this time the other school won which meant for the fifth year, sorry for using the old terms but i have no idea the modern system, the teachers started to leave. If it was not for mum and dad I would not have been able to go back for the sixth form as my english was pretty poor, it still could do with improvement but more on that later.

My time in the Lower Sixth was the best year at Durrants as the sixth form and selected students had access to the art department and their photography dark room. It was during that time i got the bug for photography which is something I still do now on and off (my personal Facebook page has samples of my photos on). I learnt everything the GCSE students learnt but never took the exam, I did take A-Levels in chemistry and Mathematics which I scored with an E in chemistry and a U in mathematics. I could have probably gotten better in my chemisty but I did not finish one of the exam papers as time ran out on me.

Post that i attended Amersham and Wycombe College and walked out with a Merit in Computer Studies, but I do not have the logical brain to really take that and my two years at Watford College studying Software Engineering any further.

It was during my secondary school years I started wearing women’s clothing in the form of some of my mums knickers. It progressed every since until i now. At this moment I am almost to the point of being me, but the cost of the cosmetic side is at the moment out of my reach as to get rid of my facial hair will likely cost in the realms of £1000 pounds for lasering it or a few years for electrolysis and the pain that goes with that treatment. The only other aspect i would like to change is my breast size, and that comes in at about £2000 plus, so unless i get doled up i look very much half caste.

That is my life bar the fact I spent most of the 90s unemployed and suffering from depression due to being trans-gendered. Since 1993 when i left college i have spent about 9 months in official work.Since moving in 2001 to Bournemouth I have been to uni studying archaeology and spent about three years in work, the rest of the time i have spent it on the dole. Even now I am unemployed but I do not have the skills to properly sell myself to employers and when I get interviews I normally go to pieces and be very nervous during it. I much prefer to show my abilities rather than just answer questions.

That is it for now, but please understand I am more than happy to answer questions about my early life and there will be apart two about who i am now and my life since moving to Bournemouth.

This is me now



One thought on “More about me

  1. Would hormone treatment hep with facial hair, skin and muscle-tone? I have followed a YouTuber who is having hormone replacement and is please with the change in her skin and muscle-tone despite the pain and sickness which goes with it. Also are you going to get your voice changed?

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