More about me – Part 2

Since moving to Bournemouth in November 2001 I started my transition and thankfully I joined a community that accepted me as me. I have to say thanks to all of them for the support especially Lara, Zina and Lisa (not Lisa Northover but another).

My first move brought me to Southbourne, Bournemouth and a flat share with Kevin Markwell and Phil Swam. The move out of home was good but Phil had a bit of a temper to him  and because I shouted something he came up and tried to strangle me whilst I had Lockey in the room as well.

I moved out in October the following year and moved to Boscombe, Bournemouth where I have been ever since. I moved to a bed sit on Campbell Road and pretty much settled there.

Again I have to thank the community for introducing me to music festivals and the joy of working them rather than being a punter. Some of the people I worked along side during the following seven years are still semi friends now a good few years after I had to stop helping in the setup as I then had a job. I would love to go back, but the core crew bar John and Karen are no longer the people I met the first year I helped. I served on the Committee for a number of years until it became cliquie and if you do not toe the group line then you pretty much became an outcast. I have never been one to toe the party line so to speak. I am basically a free thinker and love being different to the masses.

A lot of the people I met working for Boscombe Community Fair are in my novels and some if you know the person in real life you can see them in the story. Back in 2002 i decided I would attend Bournemouth Uni and attempt to gain a degree, my first two choices for degrees to study was Computers or Law. I decided not to do either as computers was my first choice and I did not get in. I tried again the following year and decided Law was out of the question as my english was pretty crap so I decided to study Archaeology as I loved watching history programs especially Time Team.

It was whilst studying a got the diagnosis of being dyslexic and the help that diagnosis gave me. I had a much bigger problem in that i could not note take from the books or journals and that did hamper me a lot, even now I would still have problems. That pales into insignificance compared to the problems that arose during exams and the recalling of information requested by the essay questions.

I dropped out after resitting the second year due to emotionally and physically collapsing due to the stress caused during the exams. It was also the time I began to hate exams as they had no relation to the real world. After leaving uni I would never have to sit under timed conditions have have to write three essays from memory.

Going to uni did have one good part and that was I started writing and came up with the Conspiracy War concept. My first draft it got the story started and also allowed me to see Darra Von. A planet similar to earth but at the same time very different

The differences start out in space, where our sun is classified as a G2V star, the sun Darra Von orbits is a few magnitudes more powerful at F3IV. The differences do not stop there the system has 14 orbits and Darra Von orbits at 2.8AUs or 418,874,038KM and the next orbital track is an asteroid field that pretty much encloses the inner orbits. Darra Von has two moons orbiting it; Sirius is the larger of the two moons and the closest; Drass the outer one is smaller.

To focus in on Darra Von for a minute, the planet is also very different in that it is 2.6 times bigger than earth and where earth is covered by about 70% water Darra Von only has about 45% coverage. Other differences are the day length is 26 hours and the time to complete one orbit is about 744 days. Darra Von has eight seasons through out the year and they are called the Harsh Seasons and the mild ones.

The next most notable difference to earth is the total population as using the internationally accepted norms it has just over one thousand three hundred billion people. Darra Von also has all the problems we have and a lot more.
More on that in part 3 and the person i am now and let me say i am not happy person.


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