Public Transport and our (So called) public trains

I have just read a blog from John Redwood MP taking about the price rises in train fairs and issues of basically what is overcrowding. His piece was specifically about the problems above but he did kind of bring up a point about the train companies serving towns and villages in the middle of no-where and the fact on those routes the trains are almost empty.

It came across to me anyway, that in certain respects he talked about closing these small stations, along with fixes to the main problems. He did not once mention to effects of closing the station might have. One possible effect is the village becoming a ghost village, unless you sort out the buses and make sure they run between early morning and late evening even to those places in the middle of no-where.

Living in Bournemouth and having worked for Abilities Ltd I know the problems some of the clients have in getting to the office by the Wilts and Dorset buses that serve there places of resisdence. It was not uncommon to see clients arrive after the time because their bus either ran late of he missed the one the person wanted and had to wait for an hour for the next one. They are the real problems and the solution is very easy, make the bus companies and train companies serve these places, if not with a train then buses at least.


References – [, John Redwood MP, Wokingham, UK]


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