Today’s papers

An interesting head line on the Daily Express front page about the coalitions plans to cut net Immigration. The plans to stop bogus marriages is a good idea, but i would say rather difficult to implant as it will be the registars doing the checking, some ok will be pretty easy like the ones reported, but when they cannot find a good reason they automatically run right into the human rights act.

The article also reported on the fact lots of failed asylum seekers have disappeared before being deported, might that be down to who is being employed to watch them. I think it is now in the hands or private profit orientated company and not where it should be a part of the border agency. That alone smacks of double standards, the coalition’s aims at the start of this parliament was to reduce our debt and yet with the  number of asylum seekers failing to be deported it will cost more to now track them down again and try and deport them. That does not add the possible cost should the people sue for poor treatment.

Now on to the second article, again front page of the Telegraph. This piece is reporting on the plans to allow the local councils to fine motorists for road/driving offenses in addition to the ability to fine people for parking incorrectly. This again could be a very good idea, but I also see the point the motoring groups brought up in that the councils are going to see this as a new cash cow. I do not drive, i am very much a supporter of public transport and getting to places under my own power so it does not effect me directly, but with the way petrol prices have been going up it is going to hurt the motorists in this time of reduced spending power.



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