The Maker of Stars, Destroyer of Worlds

The title is the title of one of my novel series which currently stands at two completed, bar final proof reading and editing, and a third at about a third finished. (I lost a portion of it earlier this week) With the section lost it is more like half finished.

In some postings for me i will allow you my readers to look in to my stories.

The Maker of Stars, Destroyer of Worlds is set in the years post 2072 (my calender, for a small amount of information about Darra Von see my previous post). It stars the older brother and sister of Alex Curtdoza, he and his friends in the Rams GYPS unit have their own novels, post their escape from an organisation that does not allow its members to leave. Danny and Alice both join the star vessel CS002 Intreped as the Captain and Chief Engineer, as the overall commanders thought their unique skills would be an advantage to the vessel and crew.

The first novel follows the Intreped as it picks up the last crew members coming from the Space Elf Federation and first come across Trans Darra Toral Broadcasting. The company is the only galaxy wide maker of shows and films, others exist but they are small compared to Trans Darra. It is discovered while collecting some of the aerospace fighters that had own slaves and also hurt the slaves. These actions against an intelligent races mean they now had an enemy in the Conspiracy and all its resources.

The Intreped weighs in at the start at about 700,000 tons, its Hyperdrive is rated for one million tons and is the second combat vessel to leave Explorer Base. Her armament includes Anti-Particle cannons, neutral particle cannons, both tacticle missile and multi-launch missiles. She also has some excellent protection weapons in twin 20mm gatling cannons which work as a point defence system.

Crew wise she has 1800 crew and that is divided up into 1000 combat troops and 800 crew and at the start of the novels she has a top speed of 30.8 light years a day, this is increased during the novels. The Intreped is also equipped with a very advanced sensor masking system that completely hides the vessel from all forms of detection. This comes in very useful during the novels as you will find out.

Captain Danny Curtdoza past is not unimportant, but his skills in intelligence gathering and analysis are very good. He admits it himself, ‘I do not know this vessel’  but he soon gains their respect and friendship.

Alice Curtdoza is a couple of years older than Danny, and like her brother she too belonged to the same organisation. Her background though is more within the technology of the planet and inventing new technology. She sees herself more as a glue bringing the various departments together and improving the technology.

I am at the moment working on an animation of the Intreped post a big upgrade. Currently i have three five second sections done.


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