A bit of information for you

The only way of starting this post is to tell you about who I am. I am a 40 year old male to female trans-sexual and I have been living in the role of being a woman (to the best of my abilities) since November 2001. More often than not at the moment I operate as the half caste, part man, part woman. The only reason for this is the cost of having my facial hair removed. One method takes a long time and rather painful, the second is just expensive costing anything from about £100 to over £200. With my skills in make-up not being exactly brill i prefer not to wear the full face. Everyone pretty much knows me around where I live in Boscombe.

I am now unemployed about about to go back on JSA as I have the answer to the question of what the feck happened to me back around Easter time. The specialist Doctor Cossburn now says he is 90% sure I have Multiple-scoliosis. I have one more MRI and with that he will confirm it. Life goes on. I am at the moment trying to set myself up as either a free lance graphics designer or set-up a company dealing in digital production, mainly animations, publishing novels to the digital environment and other forms of promotions, posters, web-sites etc.

Next week on Tuesday I will attending a protest against the way Atos is treating the people on ESA and other disability benefits. I will have my camera and camcorder as I plan to report on the protest and maybe interviewing some of the people present. I will definetly put something up on here along with the photos I take.

My real passion is for writing novels to the point i have six finished and a further 10 on the go and some of them continue stories i have already finished. All this really came about because of one of my other hobbies and that is table-top roleplaying. I found a place I liked the concept of the Rifts Earth and the fact the planet is now both technological and magical. My novels come out of the concepts presented in Paladium Books realm on Rifts Earth. My novels are not set on earth, but they are set on a similar planet in a completely new dimension. The planet is far larger than earth and the year is about double here. Their days are also slightly longer in being 26 hours and not the 24 from earth, but it has all the same problems as here.

To give you an idea of the stories and novels i write – I have 6+ Sci-fi novels in that they are based on star vessels; the bulk on set on Darra Von and follow two organisations trying to help the people fight what they call the Evils. People and creatures that use their power and abilities to dominate and control people. I also have two novels about the politics of one of the cities, one follows the election of a new leader for the city and the other follows a new group of independent members of the governance of the city.

I might go into more detail about some of the novels and the place at a later date.


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