Seeing the Neurological Specialist

I have just had my next appointment to see Dr Cossburn at Bournemouth Hospital, this one he was supposed to give me a definitive answer as to if i have MS. Poole hospital screwed up as they failed to carry out some of the tests he wanted. I now have to go back have another MRI scan and after that it will be confirmed.

At least i have now the fact he is 90% sure i have MS so it now releases me from the tunnel and back to the ranks of the offically unemployed.

I also plan to now set up my own business Bournemouth Digital Productions, initially they will be dealing with poster design and website creation. In a week I hope to have a report and interviews recorded at a protest against Atos out side the Bournemouth Job Centre.

All of those are to support the main aim of the company and that is to give the unemployed proper work experience, not like the work experience of stacking shelves in Poundland.

I will post more on Bournemouth Digitial Productions on another date.

To see the work Bournemouth Digital Productions currently do see our Facebook page, (I will not warn you, a lot of the 3d renders come from my novels, some of which are up on scribd. They are unfinished in that they need a final edit)


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