Austerity Cuts and the UK Overseas Aid Budget

Why when our lovely (not) chancellor announce the drive to bring down governmental spend did our overseas aid budget not get the chop, for that is the real question especially when we send billions of pounds to third world countries, including India. That money alone would help out faltering economy get out of the problems.

We all have read online or in the papers on watched on tele the fact we are sending money to countries that are spend 50 million pounds on sending an unmanned probe to Mars. To that I say good luck, but today I read they are buying three warships for a billion pounds and have already signed a contract with a french company to supply 126 fighter jets. They, the Indian government, have said they do not really need the 280 million we send then and think of it as peanuts.

The money saved by not sending it to India would be a good start if it went on supporting SMEs that are having problems raising money through the banks. The government could easily set up a similar scheme to the student loans and provide ZERO Interest loans to start-up companies only to be repaid when the business is earning a certain amount, similar to the system used to repay student loans.

Our government should seriously start to look at what countries actually need help rather than keep giving money to countries that no longer need it.

I will send an FOI request to the department overseeing the overseas aid budget and get them to send out the list of countries and the amount we actually send.

This does not even start on the amount we give to European Central Bank and the IMF to bail out countries in financial difficulties, all because the banks wanted to make themselves lots of money on the back of the housing boom.


Public Transport and our (So called) public trains

I have just read a blog from John Redwood MP taking about the price rises in train fairs and issues of basically what is overcrowding. His piece was specifically about the problems above but he did kind of bring up a point about the train companies serving towns and villages in the middle of no-where and the fact on those routes the trains are almost empty.

It came across to me anyway, that in certain respects he talked about closing these small stations, along with fixes to the main problems. He did not once mention to effects of closing the station might have. One possible effect is the village becoming a ghost village, unless you sort out the buses and make sure they run between early morning and late evening even to those places in the middle of no-where.

Living in Bournemouth and having worked for Abilities Ltd I know the problems some of the clients have in getting to the office by the Wilts and Dorset buses that serve there places of resisdence. It was not uncommon to see clients arrive after the time because their bus either ran late of he missed the one the person wanted and had to wait for an hour for the next one. They are the real problems and the solution is very easy, make the bus companies and train companies serve these places, if not with a train then buses at least.


References – [, John Redwood MP, Wokingham, UK]

The problems of Air Travel in the South East

This is such a simple problem to fix seeing as we have three airports around London, it is a joke why the civil servants and government have not already thought of it instead of shouting about building a third runway at Heathrow.

You make Heathrow the main centre for long distance flights covering America, Far East and those types of distances. Gatwick becomes the main airport for europe, middle east and similar distances and Stanstead becomes an over spill and also covering internal UK flights and ones to places like Paris and cities within that type of distance.

The last thing screw one airport being a hub, all three become the hub.

The one problem is the links between all three, that will need working on, but the airport problems are fixed though.

Atos Demostration outside Bournemouth JCP.

I have just come back from the DPAC Organised protest against Atos over their treatment of the disabled on Employment Support Allowance (ESA).

The protest was supported by UK Uncut in the form of at least two members.

I spoke to one member of DPAC and her interview will be available as a part of video report I made.

It looks like Atos is causing more harm than good, with around 30% of all those fit capable of work winning their appeals. A Welfare Advisor quoted on ‘BBC Panorama’ said ‘he believes this rises to a staggering 80-90% if the appellant seeks the help of an experienced advisor.’ [taken from the leaflett available from the protestors]

This is not really surprising seeing at this is Governmental Contract and a lot of you already know how much control the Government uses over these contracts (see the G4S fiasco at the olympics and other governmental contracts they have)

The one thing that did really annoy one protestor is the medical professionals who sit in judgement of the people they see. One person who walked up did say he was lucky as he had passed all his tests, and another had just come out of his assessment.

I do wonder if the medical professionals working on this contract have any real idea about sickness and other conditions, like cancer patients being fit to work, and they clearly not.

I will post again later with some of the photos but they are all going to be available on Bournemouth Digital Productions of FB for the moment.

Today’s papers

An interesting head line on the Daily Express front page about the coalitions plans to cut net Immigration. The plans to stop bogus marriages is a good idea, but i would say rather difficult to implant as it will be the registars doing the checking, some ok will be pretty easy like the ones reported, but when they cannot find a good reason they automatically run right into the human rights act.

The article also reported on the fact lots of failed asylum seekers have disappeared before being deported, might that be down to who is being employed to watch them. I think it is now in the hands or private profit orientated company and not where it should be a part of the border agency. That alone smacks of double standards, the coalition’s aims at the start of this parliament was to reduce our debt and yet with the  number of asylum seekers failing to be deported it will cost more to now track them down again and try and deport them. That does not add the possible cost should the people sue for poor treatment.

Now on to the second article, again front page of the Telegraph. This piece is reporting on the plans to allow the local councils to fine motorists for road/driving offenses in addition to the ability to fine people for parking incorrectly. This again could be a very good idea, but I also see the point the motoring groups brought up in that the councils are going to see this as a new cash cow. I do not drive, i am very much a supporter of public transport and getting to places under my own power so it does not effect me directly, but with the way petrol prices have been going up it is going to hurt the motorists in this time of reduced spending power.


The Maker of Stars, Destroyer of Worlds

The title is the title of one of my novel series which currently stands at two completed, bar final proof reading and editing, and a third at about a third finished. (I lost a portion of it earlier this week) With the section lost it is more like half finished.

In some postings for me i will allow you my readers to look in to my stories.

The Maker of Stars, Destroyer of Worlds is set in the years post 2072 (my calender, for a small amount of information about Darra Von see my previous post). It stars the older brother and sister of Alex Curtdoza, he and his friends in the Rams GYPS unit have their own novels, post their escape from an organisation that does not allow its members to leave. Danny and Alice both join the star vessel CS002 Intreped as the Captain and Chief Engineer, as the overall commanders thought their unique skills would be an advantage to the vessel and crew.

The first novel follows the Intreped as it picks up the last crew members coming from the Space Elf Federation and first come across Trans Darra Toral Broadcasting. The company is the only galaxy wide maker of shows and films, others exist but they are small compared to Trans Darra. It is discovered while collecting some of the aerospace fighters that had own slaves and also hurt the slaves. These actions against an intelligent races mean they now had an enemy in the Conspiracy and all its resources.

The Intreped weighs in at the start at about 700,000 tons, its Hyperdrive is rated for one million tons and is the second combat vessel to leave Explorer Base. Her armament includes Anti-Particle cannons, neutral particle cannons, both tacticle missile and multi-launch missiles. She also has some excellent protection weapons in twin 20mm gatling cannons which work as a point defence system.

Crew wise she has 1800 crew and that is divided up into 1000 combat troops and 800 crew and at the start of the novels she has a top speed of 30.8 light years a day, this is increased during the novels. The Intreped is also equipped with a very advanced sensor masking system that completely hides the vessel from all forms of detection. This comes in very useful during the novels as you will find out.

Captain Danny Curtdoza past is not unimportant, but his skills in intelligence gathering and analysis are very good. He admits it himself, ‘I do not know this vessel’  but he soon gains their respect and friendship.

Alice Curtdoza is a couple of years older than Danny, and like her brother she too belonged to the same organisation. Her background though is more within the technology of the planet and inventing new technology. She sees herself more as a glue bringing the various departments together and improving the technology.

I am at the moment working on an animation of the Intreped post a big upgrade. Currently i have three five second sections done.